Q. How do you vet your maids?


A. Thoroughly, we interview all of our maids in their own homes to ensure that they are genuine, we ask for 2 proofs of identity and proof of residence as well as a photograph.  We also establish the cleanliness of the maids own home which is the best reference they can have.


Q.What sort of service do you offer?


A. We introduce maids to you, once you have met them and are satisfied, you can mutually arrange a regular clean day and a time to suit you.


Q. What if my maid can't make it or is sick?


A. Just give us a call and we will provide you with a maid to cover within 24 hours but usually the maid will have already called us and we will already be taking action.


Q. Will I have to be at home when my maid cleans?


A. No, our maids are vetted and will hold your house keys if you so wish.  We will provide you with a key acknowledgement form for your maid to sign.  Of course this is a personal choice and if you prefer to be available to let your maid in then there is no need to supply a key.  For your security your keys will never be labelled with your address or your alarm code.


Q. What if I only want the maid for one hour, is that possible?


A. Sorry no, the minimum work session is two hours, it's not really viable for a maid to travel to and from your property to only earn one hours rate of pay.


Q. Do I have to supply cleaning materials and equipment?


A. Yes, our maids do not carry their own materials as the majority of our clients prefer to supply their own cleaning products and of course this keeps the cost down.  Our maids will never use bleach in your home unless specifically asked to do so by you.


Q. Can I change my maid if I am not happy?


A. Yes of course, any problems, just give us a call and we will arrange a new maid as soon as possible.


Q. Who pays the maid?


A. You pay the maid the hourly rate when the work is done.


Q. Do you have insurance?


A. Yes, including £1,000,000 Public Liability insurance.






Q. How much do you charge for regular weekly cleaning and ironing?


A. Our rates are simple to understand and there are no hidden costs or charges.  The hourly rate we currently charge is £11 per hour. 

This is made up of: Management Fee £3.00

Maids Pay - current hourly rate £8 (but this may change)

Our management fee is payable in advance on a quarterly basis by standing order and the maids rate is payable each week direct to your maid.


Q. If I decide I do not require the maid one week do I still have to pay her?


A. No, you do not have to pay your maid if her services are not required in any week, however the management fee is not refundable if this occurs.


Q. What is the management fee for?


A. Our management fee covers the cost of sourcing and finding the right maid to suit you and your requirements, we will also collect keys and ensure you have a substitute maid if your own maid is sick or on holiday and will return keys to your regular maid on her return.  We will always let you know the name of your replacement maid and the time she will be there.  We take the stress away so that you can spend the time doing the things you would rather be doing.  We are always there to step in immediately if need be and are constantly sourcing and vetting new maids to ensure our clients always get the best possible service available.


Of course our fees also cover the running costs of our office and our staff costs and we also provide insurance cover in case any of the maids cause any accidental damage to your property.


Q. What is the minimum length of time I am committed to take your services?


a. Our services are provided on a quarterly basis, the notice period for terminating the service is 3 months (one quarter) in writing.


Q. Are one off spring cleans available?


A. Yes please call for a quote.