The list is endless, that's why at upstairsdownstairs-maids we take pride in tailoring our services to your requirements.  We're happy if it's one job from the list or all of them and we know your needs may change from week to week.








£11 per hour

(Minimum 2 hours per week)



Our rates are very simple to understand  There are no hidden costs or charges

Our Services

What do you need from a maid?


Someone who...

We interview all of our maids in their own homes as by doing this we ensure that they are genuine.  We ask for proof of identity and proof of residence and we also establish the cleanliness of the maids own home which is the best reference they can have!

Our maids are honest, reliable and experienced and they are here to help you!


Life is too short to spend

it cleaning!

We care about the environment, so by using local cleaners, your own materials and no vans, our carbon footprint is as small as it can be.